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4k footage 60fps unusable
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United States

I recently got a osmo pocket 2 , and if i record at 60fps 4k , it seems i cannot edit the footage in Divinci resolve. On playback it stutters and the audio chops. I have a decent machine. This isnt really about rendering as i cannot even get to that point. I just want to be able to scrub through footage and edit it, and i cannot seem to do that even, unless i keep it at 24 or 30 fps. Anyone know of any tips or tricks for this ?
7-9 12:58
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United Kingdom

Your computer probably isnt up to the job of decoding the H265 footage,    you can create proxy files to make the editing feature work better but it will take some time on import.

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DJI Stephen
Super Moderator

Hello there BulletToothTony. I am sorry for the trouble this has caused and thank you for reaching out. Since this is a 3rd party editing software ( Davinci Resolve ) that you are using to edit your work . I hope that our fellow DJI Members who are using this editing software can give out the best information and recommendation with regards to this matter. Thank you.
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Vincent Leclerc
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Have you tried using other software like Premiere Pro, iMovie or this highly compatible editor TunesKit AceMovi.
7-20 18:06
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