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Ronin 4d firmware update
416 1 2022-7-21
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United Kingdom

It would be great to have an update as to when we can expect the much needed firmware improvements

Don’t get me wrong it’s a great camera but for the cost I’ve paid out I would love to have some of the finer issues ironed out with a firmware update that covers some of the following issues:

-Audio (we also need the expansion plate)

-Random jerking up on z axis (only every now and then)

-Auto focus (being able to choose to focus on an item instead of it always fighting back to get to the person)

-Lenses randomly stopping to focus (very rare but happens for a few minutes every now and then & last time it happened was when bride & groom were walking down the isle)
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Unfortunately if any of the DJI staff will reply you'll get the stock generic reply. *Coming Soon

Even though they've gone passed their own firmware updates roadmap. You would have thought after all these years DJI would have go they act together and kept us customers informed. I'm desperate for the sound module.
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