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DJI Terra Release Note (7/28/2022)
2330 4 2022-7-28
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Version: 3.5.0

  • Adds Seven-Parameter Transformation function to calculate and transform the coordinates from one coordinate system into another (Importing files for calculation supported).
  • Adds Refine Water Surface function to refine water surfaces for 3D Reconstruction.
  • Adds Merged Output option to merge output results in PLY, LAS, or PCD format for point cloud reconstruction.
  • Adds support to export logs after reconstruction fails.
  • Adds support to select vertical coordinate systems and horizontal coordinate systems for Japan, the United States, Germany, and Denmark. Selecting and importing geoid files are available when selecting a vertical coordinate system.

  • Adds support to display block count and names for Auto and Custom Size block splitting options.
  • Adds troubleshooting instructions to optimize reconstruction error prompts.
  • Adds warnings to the quality report of LiDAR point cloud missions to explain possible reasons for low accuracy or missing point clouds.

  • Fixed the problem that the accuracy of LiDAR point cloud task decreases after opening point cloud accuracy optimization.
  • Fixed issue where reconstruction fails when reconstructing agriculture missions on Japanese Windows operating system.
  • Fixed the issue where flight route waypoint check fails when changing KML or point cloud in detailed inspection mission.
  • Fixed the problem of high memory consumption for 2D reconstruction of data with camera angle less than 35° in vertical direction.
  • Fixed the problem that when dragging the aerotriangulation results downward in the ROI area interface with the angle of positive view, the results will be enlarged and the ROI area will disappear.
  • Fixed the problem that when the length unit was switched to imperial, the unit of distance to ground/subjects does not become imperial.
  • Fixed the problem of partial loss of results after multispectral task breakpoint construction.
  • Fixed the problem that cluster 3D models may not be loaded.
  • Fixed issue where S3MB format files cannot be properly displayed after importing to SuperMap.
  • Fixed issue where content preview cannot be updated upon dragging after importing POS files.

  • Reconstruction results generated using the Seven-Parameter Transformation function and coordinate systems of newly supported countries on v3.5.0 cannot be properly displayed and the Annotation and Measurement function is unavailable on v3.4.4 or earlier versions.
  • 3.5.0 and v3.4.0 involve the reconstruction algorithm upgrade, which requires upgrading the driver version of the NVIDIA graphics card of the computer device to v452.39 or above. Please upgrade in time to ensure the normal use of the reconstruction function. For details, please refer to NVIDIA Graphics Card Driver Upgrade Guide.
  • If corrupted file is prompted or no response when installing v3.5.0 software, right-click the downloaded installation package and select Properties. Under the General tab, you will see message " This file came from another computer and might be blocked to help protect this computer " at the bottom of the window. Select Unblock and then click Apply > OK.
  • Agras T10 or T30 users should use Agras drones with up-to-date firmware version to access Agricultural Applications.
  • Agras T16 or T20 users should use Agras drones with specified firmware version to access Agricultural Applications (Please contact DJI Support for the firmware).

Supported Aircrafts - Route Planning:
  • Phantom 4
  • Phantom 4 Pro
  • Phantom 4 Pro V2.0
  • Phantom 4 Pro + V2.0
  • Phantom 4 Advanced
  • Phantom 4 RTK (MONITOR RC)
  • Phantom 4 RTK (NO-MONITOR RC) (Only supports importing Detailed Inspection planning route)
  • Matrice 300 RTK + H20 Series payloads (Only supports importing Detailed Inspection planning route)
  • Mavic 2 Enterprise Advanced (Only supports importing Detailed Inspection planning route)

Release Date: 2022- 07- 28  
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Thank you for the info...
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Thanks for the update!
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I really hope that a lot of the issues with Terra will be solved in the future. I for one really need the option to export 3D model with coordinates. Point cloud has coordinates but 3D model doesn't.
at least this one is good for me:
  • Adds Merged Output option to merge output results in PLY, LAS, or PCD format for point cloud reconstruction.
It was driving me crazy since I can only use point cloud in other software.

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The previous version has worked great using the DJI M300 + L1 + D-RTK 2 base station for LiDAR surveys. There is an issue with the new version when it comes to the position of the D-RTK 2 base station.

In this version, if the GDA94 / MGA Zone 56 (Australia) projected coordinate system is selected in the Base Station Position settings, it applies a negative shift in the easting and northing values, equivalent to the difference between MGA94 and MGA2020. If I select MGA2020 as the projected coordinate system, a positive offset is applied to the easting and northing of the DJI base. This is a problem because the lat/long position that I set in the M300 controller can only have one MGA coordinate - there should not be any offset applied if I switch between MGA94 and MGA2020 in the base station center point settings. This did not happen in the previous version of Terra.

In the previous version, the easting and northing values would be exactly the same whether I chose MGA94 or MGA2020 as the projected coordinate system in the base station position settings.
The only time an offset should be applied is if my base station was set over a MGA94 control point, but I want my output point cloud to be in MGA2020 (set in the reconstruction output settings) therefore a shift of approx. +500mm will be applied to the easting, and approx. +1.4m applied to the northing. If MGA94 is set as the output then no shift will be applied.

Please correct this issue in your next update. Horizontal shifts should not be occuring when defining the base station centre point projected coordinates. This is causing the output point cloud to be in the wrong position.
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