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Telemetry programs like Dashware
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I have a DJI Spark and decided to try adding some data overlays for certain flights.

I'm finding that Dashware is impossible to work with as it consistently  errors out with "Error rendering in MediaFoundation" and produces a  blank file when rendering the final video.  Googling around I find that  it's notoriously picky with video formats.  I played around in ffmpeg  but had no luck exporting a video & audio codec pairing that works  with it.  I'm also not happy with the fact that it works with an endless  list of datalogger programs but doesn't support DJI, so you have to  convert your data through a third party site like AirDataUAV.  All in  all this is too many extra steps.  So I'm done with Dashware and will be  uninstalling it.

Are there other programs that might work for video overlays?  I'm not  sure what most people are using these days, and a lot of the Google  search results are outdated.
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DJI Stephen
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Hello there rolypolyman. I am sorry for the trouble this has caused and thank you for reaching out. I hope that our fellow DJI Co Pilots can share what programs they are using for video overlays and can give out the best recommendation with regard to this matter. Thank you.
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Use props
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