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Temperature values from H20T and Thermal Analysis Tool wrong!
292 0 9-2 05:04
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Got termal images from a drone flight with H20T. Analysed the JPG images using DJI thermal analysis tool (1, 2.1, 3).
The temperatures shown are not feasable, as negative temperatures are shown on a day which had around 23°.
(see attached image).

How can I get valid temperature values with DJI equipment?
And how do i get the proper values for Emissivity, Distance, Humidity and Reflected Temperature? There are values in the image meta data, but those seem to be wrong all the time.

And how can I extract those temperature values for post processing?
Not by typing manually some values off the screen from DJI Thermal Analysis Tool, I have a automated workflow.

9-2 05:04
Use props
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