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464 1 2015-9-8
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Flight distance : 84902 ft

So I thought I would take another little flight tonight, same place as normal take off, turned the tablet on, turned the RC on, then turned the P3 on, everything as normal green light on the RC, everything good, Next thing, everything dropped, no connection, now poor signel, still green light, to fly, can start up and fly, but NO GPS just says not connected, attmepted about 6 times, same old thing. Anyone else find this, or is this normal, has not happened before...
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Flight distance : 1339157 ft
United States

This started happening to my Phantom 3 Pro about a week ago. I'm using Android (Nexus 7). I just got a new USB cable and will try that next time out. Not sure what else is can be. The app is still running, it just says Disconnected and even rebooting the tablet does not get it back.

In fact, last week when this first happened, I pressed RTH and that worked. When I later looked at the logs though the last reported position was about 1,000 feet out over the ocean.

It's probably not the cables since I see others reporting the same issue more often now but I'll start with what I know, the low hanging fruit.
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