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Mavic 2 Enterprise Advanced Waypoints and Focus?
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I have 2 questions.
First is that I only do SAR flights. I often fly at night and find it quite awkward not being able to fix a waypoint in memory. Here's the scenario... I am doing a search just using thermal. I get a target and hover over it guiding in the ground searchers. My batteries need replacing so at this stage it would be very handy to log a waypoint so I can RTH, change my battery, and then take off and instantly return to the waypoint (ground searchers) without having to search for it again. I am in the UK and only fly VLOS having port and starboard strobes so at night rarely exceed 1000ft lateral distance. Is there any way of acheiving this in "Manual Mode"...

My second question: Is there a way of synchronising the both thermal and camera zoom on the M2EA? Apparently there is on the M3T but I cannot find a way on the M2EA?
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When drone is in the air you open the flight path page, add waypoints, save before removing the battery, and that should do the job. Create a Route - > Set Waypoints
After changing the battery you do not have to launch the waypoint mission, you fly towards the points you have marked. If you take targets with an angle it's more complicated. In this case you need an M300/350 with an H20T/N.

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