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Third party waypoints limited to 400 feet?
860 0 2015-9-11
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Flight distance : 226450 ft

Hi everyone,

I have been beta testing some photogrammetry apps for the Inspire 1.  Everything was working well up until some new flight restrictions imposed by DJI.  I am hoping to catch someones attention to get these issues adressed in the future.

The altitude restriction on waypoints to 400' and lower is far to low for producing reliable mosaics over densely forested areas.  It simply does not work at that low of an altitude.  I would very much like to see this limit for waypoints completely removed and to instead just use the 500m limit that we enjoy while flying manually.  A large part of my business is mapping for forestry at 250m altitude.  Being limited to half of that altitude removes DJI products from being included in my tool kit.

There is also a matter of flight speed restrictions.  Currently we are restricted to 5 to 10m/s while flying waypoint missions.  It used to be able to harness the full speed capabilities of the Inspire 1 pushing 20m/s.  The old high speed waypoints meant very good things for people in the photogrammetry business.  We could get large scale projects completed in less time than it would take with many of DJI's competitors products.  Now this speed has been pulled way back further than necessary and allows most every other photogrammetry UAV to outpace the Inspire.  I read somewhere that DJI will be allowing up to 15m/s soon but I wish they would just let the developers decide what speed they want to fly at.

Anyways, I love the inspire and all the wild things it can achieve, I just hate to see such a great product miss out in fields where it can excel and even pioneer.

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