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Deity-TC1 sync issues on one of two cams
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Ok, so I have a Deity-TC1 and for the most part it works ok, however I have one camera where it starts to sync fail and gives the red message that it failed and to check this and that.
I just kept doing it over and over while the other OA4 would sync perfectly.
So out of desperation I did a factory reset and bam it started working again, then after a few syncs it did it again and while the other OA4 I have continued to work.
So I did another factory reset and it started working again and so far it's been ok, but I am at a loss as to why it fails in the first place just one the one camera.

I have the deity set properly as per their instructions and have it at 29.xx DF which is what the 30FPS on the OA3 and 0A4 is.  It's also set to A-OUT not L-OUT.

5-13 06:15
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