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iOS app 2.3.0 released
1068 2 2015-10-7
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United Kingdom

Has anyone flown with the new iOS app yet? Just noticed my ipad has updated itself yesterday.
The website for the phantom 3 still shows the 2.2.0 version. Perhaps the app writers didn't mention it to the website people.

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In case your camera doesn't respond to the wheel after this update, which mine didn't. read this thread I put out last night.
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United States

Tested DJI GO to 2.3 on my P3Pro, Ipad Mini 2, 16Gb. pad.

1. Two flights, at 350 Feet, flight battery at 99% no issues with the video down link.
2. Flight 1, had the DJI GO to 2.3 app crash twice and had to restart the app each TIME as in MID flight and all came back JUST FINE.
3. Flight 1, flight battery at 47% some issues with the video down link, large block pixels, ribbon video, then cleared up a bit and then OK but fuzzy.
4. Flight 1, flight battery at 26 % some video distortion bit OK to fly.
5.  Flight 1, flight battery at 16%, height at 80 feet, OK to fly.
6. Conclusion, this version of the DJI GO to 2.3 app is much better but still not as good as the earlier two revision below this 2.3 version. My IPAD Mini 2 is set with no HW compression and all stock settings and no other apps running and set to AUTO channels. Test ground is the same location and heights for years, have seen several improvements on my Inspire 1 from DJI since Jan 2015, so DJI keep them coming on the P3Pro and Inspire and the associated FW and APP.

7. Flight 2, all the same results as listed above.
8. Inspire 1 testing later today.  

Comments: Like to see a but more refinement on the APP for stronger video down link monitoring and look into the APP IOS crash issue a bit. Other then that, the latest P3 Pro FW, Phantom 3 Professional Firmware v1.4.0010 all in one, i give it a 95% goodness as compared to all the YEARS (3 now) working with DJI P2 Vision, P2 Vision Plus, Inspire 1, and now the P3 Pro.

DJI, Keep the enhancements coming on the newer products, the P2's are Great! no need to fix these anymore!

Hope this feedback helps, more to come.

Best regards,
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