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Someone in DJI can help please?
843 1 2015-10-9
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Flight distance : 599049 ft
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My Inspire one had a erron in ESC system in 20-08-2015
I called official italian dealer ( this I1 was bought directly by DJI site) , he saw me to send it for check
after 3 days told me that for ESC issue , plane MUST be send to  DJI germany
Hobby-Hobby has send my I1 , on 04-09-2015, to DJI Germany to check and fix the problem
The real problem it's that Hobby-Hobby I can not have a RMA nr ( or do not want share with me) to individuate my repair practice
now it's more than 35 day without any information!
I loose two work in this time ( without APR I can not make work or offer) , and it's very strange not have any reply after 35 days

This is SN of my I1:

If someone in DJI department can help would be nice

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Flight distance : 599049 ft
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I hope that nobody need european repair
this is my story , after 45 day , to have reply and reply is:
change camera 757€
I sent my I1 because show me message: ESC error contact local delaer
I sent to Italian official importer , and after he must to sent I1 to european assistance DJI Germany
why , for ESC problem we need to change camera?
and why is not under warranty service?
in this time ( to wait reply) I loose two work

last mail communication

Please with this repair I had a lot of problem…
My inspire one on Aug-15 ( after about 70 hour of fly) has ESC error , and show on DJI-Pilot application this message : ESC Error contact local dealer, and after do not start motor
I sent my I1 to Hobby Hobby italia , to know what is problem , they must to sent it to DJI Germany to fix problem , because can not repair ESC module
After more than 40 days , today finally they give me some news:
Pay €687.70 Part 40 Camera Unit Repair serivce 2 ore e supporto

Spese rinvio €70,00
Total :757€
Sorry but my Inspire have not collided or other crash , why this repair is not warranty repair free of charge?
And why if my I1 show probelm with ESC we need to change Camera unit?
Can you give me more information of problem , and why not repair it’s under warranty condition?
I bought My I1 on DJI official site less than 8 month ago
I bought this beacuse my think is that it’s best choice for professional use , but now I think very different
Only for the time of this repair , I loose 2 work , beacuse I have not possibility to work
Looking forward to receive your comments, to fix problem ad retur me mi I1
Best regards
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