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N1 Video Encoder HDMI failed to detect video signal
1257 0 2015-11-1
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Hong Kong

I bought N1 Video Encoder but when I use the HDMI input, the encoder failed to read the signal.
I used over 20 different equipment that output 1080P60FPS or 1080P50FPS to connect to the N1 Video Encoder and the Video Encoder can recognize only one equipment, that is a XiaoMi TV Set-top Box...

Tested equipment include Sony A6000 camera, Hardkernel OdroidXU4 development board, FireFly RK3288 Development Board, desktop computers (AMD and Nvidia and Intel GPU Card), Zotac MI522 Nano, Lenovo Thinkpad laptops, Asus UX302LG,  Motorola Droid 3 Droid 4 and Photon Q cell phones, LG G3 Cell Phone and even a DVD Player and the only thing that works is a XiaoMi-TV Set-top-Box! I need to stress that when I plug the XiaoMi Set-top-box signal into the N1 Video Encoder, it works immediately, no need to wait and works perfectly. I tested over 20 types of equipment on this... and success rate is less than 5%... which the 5% is the XiaoMi Set-top box.

Did anyone get success in using the N1 video encoder with their own camera or other HDMI source?

I asked on the chinese forum but the reply from DJI is not helpful. They replied that N1 video encoder can just accept "Standard HDMI signal", and not any more information is provided...
How come I have over 20 equipment that are "non-standard"... even a Sony a6000 camera? I used different framerates (30, 50, 60FPS) and resolution (720P, 1080P, 1080I) on every equipment to test and more than 95% of then failed. I checked all the signals with three monitors and they all show 720p / 1080p and 60fps / 50fps according to my settings...

Use props
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