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Just did a Long Range Flight.
837 1 2016-1-3
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So I have a Inspire 1 V2.0 with FCC ID 1014 and "C" Controller.

I thought I should test if its true what some DJI people say that all V2.0 are in reality FCC ID1015 just that they are mislabeled wrong... and I think its true...

I flew 4,152 meters (13,622 feet) one way and I got good signal all the way till K point (shown below) where I decided to return. I did not pushed any further because the app timeline showed that I would barely get back home (Batt TB48), even as I got back the timeline indicated that I was not going to be able to return all the way back "!", but then the app corrected itself and got back with around a 5 minute margin, any insight on this error?

Mind you this flight was not all the time in open fields so there should be some interference, I still managed to make it without issues.

Seems we are very limited with battery power, you guys think we might get a T49 battery soon?

This was done outside the US by the way.


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DJI team

Hong Kong

Great! Thanks for the feedback!  I'm not sure if we getting TB49 any soon, but some more of a capacity would be great!
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