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Guide for single solo operator for Futaba 14sg, A2, Lightbridge and Zenmuse HD
10179 8 2015-1-5
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United Kingdom

Hi this is just to help those that are having trouble with single operator setup using Lightbridge, A2, Zenmuse HD gimbal and Futaba 14SG

I spent ages trying to figure this out and I finally got it working.  Looked everywhere for help and I never found it so I spent 3 days scratching my head trying to work it out.

So basically I have the normal functions of the controller working - all apart for Intelligent Orientation Control - as I don't use it- I decided to use the channel for an extra gimbal function.

So here's what I did

1.  Follow the lightbridge/a2 setup video from DJI.  what confuses me was you don't need to have any servo cables from A2 to the GCU unit- I.e leave the A2 servo plugs F2, F3 etc.  These become redundant with Lightbridge.

The idea is you want to have Lightbridge transfer all your signals as you don't want interference over 2.4ghz.

2.  On the futaba, goto Sys --> Trainer, scroll down to bottom and change the channels to 12.  ideally 16 would have been better but I couldn't get this to work. - if anyone does please let me know.

3.  Now install the Lightbridge Assitant App,  this was a pain as it doesn't support Mac yet, so I had to install Parallels and install windows through that.
Make sure you get the DJI win driver too.

4.  Power on Lightbridge and plug the USB cable into the Transmitter ground unit.   then launch the driver installer- it should install the driver and just to make sure it's working correctly, if you goto Device Manager in Control Panel you should see a DJI driver with no warning symbols.

Then install the Lightbridge Assistant software.

5.  Plug the trainer port cable into the back of the Futaba 14sg.    Now this is important, use the small training cable - Looks like a stereo jack (the black stereo jack goes into the Lightbridge). the red cable plug goes into the trainer port cable female end.

6.  Open the Lightbridge Assistant app and Click on the Channels tab.  You should see an option to select you gimbal type with a radio button- I set it to GH3.

Then click on Calibration.

7. On this page you should see Main RC then Secondary RC..   Ignore the secondary RC function.

Make sure all the sticks are central - LD, RD and especially the 2 twiddly things on the left and right underside of the controller (I mapped these for Pan and Tilt.)

Click Calibration under the Main RC  - this is important because when you selected 12 channel on the Futaba - it would have messed up the signals min/max on each channel.

Push all the sticks to their min max.  On the thumbsticks go around in circles.  Make sure you also do the twiddly ones underneath and the LD, RD ones - THEN RETURN THESE TO CENTER.

Once done click next, then close.

8. On the original screen where you can select Gimbal 5D, BMPCC or GH3).  This is where you map your channels.  (the button beside the mode - just select it then select the channel number to assign it).    It helped to have the s900 plugged into the battery and running so I can see the gimbal moving to the commands.

My channels are as follows but you can make them to your liking.  As mentioned I don’t use IOC so I had a spare channel to map.

A. = 1     E. = 2    T. = 3   R = 4      5. = 5       6. Unmapped     U. = 7     8. = 8    Roll = 12      Tilt = 9     Pan = 10      Mode = 6    SHUT = 11   

I really hope this guide helps people.  It really frustrated me trying to figure it out!!!    I hope we get support for 16 channels as some of the gimbal mapping isn't ideal!

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United Kingdom

I will try this as we have an issue with only having 8 channels. Thanks for the post
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First Officer

Hong Kong

Thanks a lot for this post!
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Many thanks for this post...i hope it helps me..
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Are 12 Channels really enough? Do you don't use REC or GPS/ATTI/Manual or Landing Skid?

At the moment without Lightbridge I'm using all 14 Channels of my T14:
1: A
2: E
3: T
4: R
5: Go Home
6: IOC
7: Manual/GPS/ATTI
8: Landing Skid
9: Roll
10: Tilt
11: Pan
12. H.Free, Reset (FPV), H.Trace
13: Photo
14: Video (Rec)

If I would switch to Ligthbridge I could not use for example channel 6 (IOC) and 12 (H.Free, Reset, H.Trace)
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Are there any other changes you have to make with the futaba itself?
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wima Posted at 2015-3-7 19:52
Are 12 Channels really enough? Do you don't use REC or GPS/ATTI/Manual or Landing Skid?

At the mome ...

Hi Wima,
I like to work that way also. How do you have your channels map in the assistant software. And how are your hardware connections? I can't get my setup to work....
Do you have some more information for me?

Kind regards Rinus
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United States

wima Posted at 2015-3-7 03:52
Are 12 Channels really enough? Do you don't use REC or GPS/ATTI/Manual or Landing Skid?

At the moment without Lightbridge I'm using all 14 Channels of my T14:

What are you using instead of lightbridge then?
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United States

I have a quick question myself. But first a quick rundown. I have a S900, A2 Flight Control, Zenmuse Z15HD GH4 Gimbal, LightBridge 1 and Futaba T14SG TX. I am using a Panasonic GH4 as my camera and now my question. I only had 8 channels selected and my system mapped properly, I had video transmitting to my Android device, I then went into the System menu of the Futaba and paged down to page 4.  I moved the 8 channels to 12 channels, Now I cannot get my LightBridge Ground station to sync with the Air end, it just blinks green, What am I doing wrong?
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