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Ipad Mini 1 WIFI with Garmin GLO?
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Anyone here use an ipad mini WIFI editiion with the Garmin GLO that connects via bluetooth with their Phantom 3 adv/pro?

Bluetooth also communicates on the 2.4GHz band. So are there any obvious interference issues when using the bluetooth Garmin GLO on your ipad mini wifi so you can obtain GPS positioning of the controller? Only the live video feed of the lightbridge controller uses 2.4GHz right? The telemetry for other coms and controls are via 5.2GHz right?

Also, in general, is using android better than iOS? A lot of the app developers made apps for android first and ported over to iOS and often iOS versions lack function.

Since the native DJI go app evidently doesn't have waypoint control (no flying to position first BS), I think I might have to buy the litchi app. However, do I have to pay twice if I buy on android but want it on iOS too (they cost different and iOS has less functions apparently)?
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I can't speak specifically to interference, but I do know that people fly their P3s with Wifi-only iPads with bluetooth GPS dongles attached; specifically, Autopilot will require a barometer-based altimeter to perform the more advanced movements it's capable of executing, and without a cellular iPad or iPhone 6 an external GPS module is the only alternative.

As for Android vs iOS, it really depends on what app you're interested in. I mentioned Autopilot, mostly because it destroys pretty much everything else out there in terms of cinematography type camera movements (and that's what my cohorts and I are interested in), and it's only an iOS app, therefore my choice is obvious. It's more important to identify which app fits what you want, and get the hardware that supports it.
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