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3 Months With the Osmo, Feedback, Firmware, tips, the reality
1826 3 2016-5-18
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United Kingdom

Hi all, first i would like to thank Dji for a great compact, portable and clever little camera and also at a very reasonalbe price point!
I have the Osmo X3 and it was a replacement for my Dying Gopro3 Black and the Osmo is a 'B' camera to my Sony fs700r.
- Straight out of the box i noticed the Osmo has more video options than a Gopro3 or 4 and was happy to see a MANUAL MODE for shutter and iso.
- Connecting to my Samsung Galaxy Note4 was pretty straight forward and the app has NOT crashed or glitched since (Unlike the Gopro app).
- VIDEO COMPRESSION artifacts are present in HD & 2.7k video that contains LOTS of trees, grass, Sky, fences ect and Shots going from Lots of
detail to no detail (Static) shows the codec catching up and re-shuffling the Bit Rate (will try and upload screen grabs)
So it would be nice if DJi could give us a Higher bit rate option! for HD & 2.7k a 50-60Mbits per sec (7.5Megbytes) and 4k to a 80-100 Mbits (12.5 Megabytes)
Currently using VLC player HD & 2.7k hovers around 27-35Mbits per sec (3.7Megabytes) I just think the Bit rate is too low for a camera of this sharpness!
Or Maybe a I-frame (intra frame) video codec option for, this would give a SOLID robust video file. I dont think MP4 profile supports i-Frame (intra frame)
- I was filming a chinese wedding 2 weeks ago and inside the grooms hotel room getting ready for his big day, the air con was off and windows shut...the Osmo was getting VERY HOT!
but still continued to film 4k video with NO heat warnings or shutting down! And i was able to complete the hotel filming with the Osmo and managed to get some very cool dolly and jib looking shots in a very small hotel room.
- I use the osmo mainly for video so a Firmware update i would like to see would be for the Higher Video Bit rates or a Intraframe codec option,
there just doesnt seem to be enough mega bits for a high detailed image, leaves , trees, grass, fences the detail seems to blob together. Still trying to upload frame grabs?TIPS:
- When powering on the Dji Osmo x3 sometimes the horizontal image is slightly at a tilt, i used to go into the settings and adjust the ROLL. what i do now is
press trigger 3 times for selfe mode then press trigger 2x to back to front mode...8 times out of 10 the osmo re adjusts and the image is level on the first try. on a few occasions i had to go into selfe mode 2 times and back for the Osmo to re adjust to a Level image.

- When i use a big screen phone like my Galaxy Note 4 i use a portable USB battery charger in my pocket to keep my phone alive...a £8 portable USB phone charger keeps my phone alive all day.
- When putting the Osmo in Standby mode i always put screen lock (screen off) on my phone to save a bit of phone power.
So to round are NOT getting a 4k Red Epic M or a 2.5k Arri Alexa or a Sony FS7 stuck on a Hollywood top quality big budget
stabilizer systema for under £500!
Im sure there are many people out there that think they SHOULD get all that for under £500.  So what do YOU get...a very sharp sensor, with almost NO MOIRE, An image that is far better than my old Canon 7D video, a very good stabilizer system, 2.7k and 4k video, A higher video Bit rate would be GREAT in a Firmware update....PLEEEEAAASSEEE! I do have to spend a bit extra cash on a external battery solution....but hey. Good in low ligh but not in NO light, Its NOT a Sony A7s
i hope this helps people that have just bought or are thinking of buying a DJi Osmo.
About a video camera geek whos come from a Hobby to independant film making background from hi8 to miniDV to DVCAM to DigiBeta to DSLR to today.
I recently left my 12 year job as a post production VT operator/ Encoder.

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DJI team

Hong Kong

We appreciate your feedback.
Our R&D Dept. has been always tried to pick up your constructive suggestions and tried to find the best solution to improve the quality of the Osmo and meet your demands.
If there's any update, we would keep you informed in our official website.

Thanks for your support and attention.
All the best with your work and good luck.

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United Kingdom

"...So it would be nice if DJi could give us a Higher bit rate option! for HD & 2.7k a 50-60Mbits per sec (7.5Megbytes) and 4k to a 80-100 Mbits (12.5 Megabytes)..."

I wonder if there'd really be much difference?

The Sony AX100 4K UHD camera when it first came out had a recording rate of 60mb/sec and was praised for its ability to hold detail (of course, it has a bigger sensor than an Osmo).

After some months, Sony brought out a new upgrade with an option that allowed the recording rate to be increased to 100mb/sec.

So many of us bought new higher-speed cards (yes, you do need them) and carried out tests. Most of us came to the same conclusion -- it made little or no difference to the image: brick walls, water, sky, whatever.

One or two people claimed that they could see a very slight improvement in running water, and some claimed that it would let the image hold up better in editing e.g. colour correction.

But the facts are that most of us still only have that one higher-speed card as it really makes little practical difference, and are happy to continue to record at 60mb/sec.
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United Kingdom

LenMiddx Posted at 2016-5-19 08:54
"...So it would be nice if DJi could give us a Higher bit rate option! for HD & 2.7k a 50-60Mbits pe ...

hi, sorry for late reply, been very busy. if Dji was going to give us 100 Mega BIT per sec codec option for the Osmo that is ONLY 12.5 MegaBYTES per sec. so there is NO need for everyone to buy NEW cards! as even the cheaper PNY brand cards can WRITE data around 35MB MegaBYTE per sec Class10 UH1, so that is around 280 MegaBIT per sec. My old Panasonic GH4 had a 200 MegaBIT option so thats 25 MegaBYTE per sec. And YES a higher BITRATE would reduce MACROBLOCKING & Mosquitoing ! = (not enough data for shots with lots of detail) --I HAVE ADDED PICTURES for EXAMPLES BELOW--
And YES a higher bit rate again would also make a stronger robust file for color grading. The quality of that Sony AX100 is crazy! i looked at the specs and that camera uses the AVCHD codec (good for LOW bit rates) thats why AVCHD is used for Bluray discs. & XAVCs is the next generation to AVCHD. i hope dji has seen my frame grabs from my 4k video files!
As you can see below in the 1st frame grab most of the Mega Bits are being used for tree leaves, branches and there is NOT
enough megabits for the tree bark wich has bad MACROBLOCKING.

So with a higher Bitrate there will be enough MegaBits for the whole image and we will be able to see the detail in the bark for example and NOT a blocky Blob
and it will make the Dji Osmo into a more serious camera.

Not enough Megabit for tree Bark

Not enough Megabit for tree Bark
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