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Camera Sensor Error, Total loss of Camera
916 0 2016-6-3
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Flight distance : 954665 ft

I had updated my PH4 to 2.8.3 on the 1st of June and it fixed the week signal that 2.8.2 had intrduced, I have run 3 batteries through with a total of about 13klms flight time since the update and it worked flawlessly, However, this afternoon, I went to my local park as I have for the last 2 and a half months to practice for my up coming RPA licence as it is now called here in australia, formaly known as UAV licence, and when I started up everything as I normaly do I had an error come up in the Overall Status window, and it said, CAMERA SENSOR ERROR, the nxet line read, HARDWARE MALFUNCTION. CONTACT DJI SUPPORT TO FOR REPAIRS, (The "TO" in there is exatliy how it was displayed), Well as you all can imagine, I did not need to ever see this especially when I have committed to unpaid job shotting the finals of the Barefoot ski comp here in Western Australia 3 days from now, I have never had to deal with DJI SUPPORT yet, ( I don't buy into all the bad stories I have heard, I know DJI will be busy and they are doing the best that they can), but with all the horror stories I have read my first thought was I am not going to have this sorted between now, Friday and ski day Sunday, but then I remembered that I brought my PH4 from the Apple store, So I rang them told them what has happened and that I needed this sort ASAP due to my shooting comitments, The guy on the phone asked me to hold, he came back to me in about 5 mins and said and I quote, "No problems Mr Bell we have to in stock I will put 1 aside for you, when can you come in?". Well as you can imagine I siad I live 1 hour away by train, I will bell there in about an hour and a half, that was a 3:30pm and I walked in to my home door at 20 past 6 with a brand new sealed in the DJI PHANTOM 4, I have done all the updates and I now have a working PH4, Thanks Apple. Now after all that has anyone else encountered this ERROR?
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