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F550 throttle/pitch strange behaviour
858 0 2016-7-16
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Flight distance : 152352 ft

Hi all.. this may be perfectly normal behaviour but I have just noticed that my new F550 flamewheel build (Naza M v2) exhibits some odd (?) throttle issues. If I pin the forward pitch (expecting full uninterrupted speed, the speed actually cycles in 30 second bursts. This is what I mean, look at the speed graph
It will peak, drop down to zero, then go to full again in a very predictable pattern. Looks just like a sine wave. Is this normal, or some kind of built in motor/esc protection? Other than that, it flies just great.

Or could my pitch gains be wrong, or is it the naza automatically correcting for maximum attack angle?
I'll try it today without the stick full forward and see what happens, but doing so I'm not sure how I'd get maximum speed.

Use props
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