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Hi all,

I've recently filmed a few shots with both my OSMO and my DSLR , and now I want to combine the shot together to make a montage, but the thing is, how ever I try, the image quality never seems to match each other, even though I've filmed both in 4K , 30fps, similar ISO setting and same frame rate. Am I doing something wrong while filming? Or is it how it is because of the differeneces between the two systems?

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There are a few things to consider when shooting with two different cameras, and even then it can be a pain to match shots. First thing I'd say is your depth of field, the OSMO has a pretty huge depth of field whereas your DSLR could have a very shallow DOF depending on your aperture. While the nice creamy bokeh's that a DSLR are nice they simply aren't going to match very well with your OSMO so you might want to close it up a little and maybe shoot at f11 or higher. Next is colour, if you can make both cameras as neutral as possible, on my OSMO for example I shoot in D-Log and also turn my contrast/saturation/sharpness to -2. Also keep your ISO as low as possible on the OSMO because it's going to suffer before your dSLR will. If you're shooting a Canon DSLR you should look into the Cinestyle profile ( to get a flat shot, if you're shooting a different brand try and see what others have used to get a flat or log look. Both the OSMO and the DSLR running a flat profile will need grading in post but at least you'll be starting from a more comparable starting point. Back on the depth of field topic, read up on how DOF scales with sensor size.

These cameras can be matched, I've even seen footage from an OSMO intercut with footage from a Sony F5 cine camera and to most people they probably wouldn't have noticed.
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jphphotography@ Posted at 2016-9-13 05:18
There are a few things to consider when shooting with two different cameras, and even then it can be ...

Thanks for sharing, well said
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