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786 0 2016-10-26
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New Zealand

Hi DJI reps

Over the last week or so I've noticed few threads get off topic and a bit of mud slung because an experienced pilot is looking for info on aspect of the mavic that could be seen as pushing the envelope flight wise. Ken and Tahoe Ed have rightly tried to steer users away from asking these questions or performing the actions because given the majority I suspect are beginners you don't want them to wreak there new Mavic on day one. This is an understandable and reasonable position to take.

Given this, I wonder if it would make the reps job easier if there was a sub forum for advanced pilots where the reps could feel less constrained about given advice where the user is a competent flier (has read the manual) and is well aware of the risks? If the forum carried a general warning would this be of any use?
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