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no image transmission
2137 1 2016-10-30
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I get the no image transmission ....everything else works on my dragon...Inspire 1 ....I even get the pics that i think i take and they come out great on the sd card

app 3.0.1
RC 1.7.40
camera 1.8.100

Please help Dallasfreak
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  Dallasfreak  -  Ok , the best way to check for a major malfunction is to load the SD card with the latest  1.9 update, then place back in the AirCraft.  since it already had 1.9 loaded it will only take a minute or two to give the D-DD finish tone.  Now install the SD card back into a PC and look  at the Hidden file  . If lines 0800 and 1500 say" device not detected " then you have an unreapirable item, the Video module is corrupted and the camera MUST be sent in for repair.

I would start with this , If you dont have this code  then we know it is more than likely repairable .  This eliminates all the guesswork.  
****So just to confirm everything else works normally , takes pics and video , does the normal start up dance etc.....Just NO VIDEO TRANSMISSION

Follow this link if any questions, Not my first rodeo on this question .  
let me know
Thread with similar problem :
IF YOU DO NOT HAVE THE" DEVICE NOT DETECTED " ON 0800 AND 1500  let me know and I will give other suggestions on how to fix it .  If it is is then we have saved a lot of diagnostic time .  
Question :  Did this happen directly after an  update ?  If YES was the RC transmitter on when updating the Aircraft ?


Below is what the file would look like if corrupted  I realize it is the 1.3 update ,  it gives you the general idea of what file I am referring to and its location , etc. :

device not detectred.PNG
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