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911 3 2016-11-16
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Hong Kong

Hi all,

So with this post, it's kinda of a rant of how I feel DJI deals with their customers regarding their handheld products. By all mean I love DJI's products and I believe they are well made!

So as we all know DJI just announced their new drones and I think they're awesome, the inspire 1 was released a while ago and I guess it was about time there's a update to that drone line with the inspire 2. The phantom 4 pro on the other I still found cool, but really didn't think they needed to have a updated version to the phantom 4 when that was only released earlier this year if I'm not mistaken.  

Now with their new cameras for the inspire 2, many of us would hope that they would make them compatible with the OSMO handle, so existing owners could just buy the cameras and boom, new cameras to shoot with - like how the X5 were competitive. But nope, they are going to release new handles for these cameras, and we would need to buy that just to enjoy the new cameras.

Ok fine let's say the new cameras need new tech in order to function by handheld. My issue is, I think DJI releases new products in the same product line wayyyy too soon! Look at the original OSMO which was release October 15, 2015, the OSMO+ was released on August 25, 2016 - not even a year after the original was release, then the OSMO mobile on September 1st? Not even a month after the release of the OSMO+. Now a new handle is gonna be announced for the new cameras and the original OSMO has only been a year old.

I understand that companies especially tech companies will constantly release new products to make sure their line of products are the best of the best in the market, but I'm sure most of the original OSMO owners would understand, don't just forget or move on from your older products! I mean aren't the OSMO designed so that at least for the next 2-3 years? Like future proof? For example: I own Apples IPhone 6 Plus, and that's about 2 years old now, and am still able to download their lastest OS and have their new functions working on my 2 year old iPhone!

Products like the OSMO mobile was released with active tracking builder into it, why wasn't the OSMO or OSMO+ designed so that feature could be easily updated into these hardware? Instead we have to go look for 3rd party apps in order to have this feature.

To conclude this rant, all I want to get from DJI , is a product which when I purchase, I won't have to regret buying it a few months later due to them releasing a new- better product. I don't mind if the new products has a better camera or what so ever, but at least make the software features compatible with a product that isn't even more then 2 year old. I have the original OSMO and I really do like it, but it worries me to purchase a new product from DJI knowing that they might just release another new product in the line a few months later.

P.S I don't really write a lot so if there are like tons of grammar or spelling or even sentence structure mistakes, I apologize!
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X5 Pro/R and Inspire/Osmo Pro were beta products with a flawed design and have now been scrapped.
DJI have learned from their mistakes and released X5S system. Hopefully this design will be future upgradable and not obsolete in a year.
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I'm sorry to hear this. Sometimes business have to make tough decisions, for example, should you move the chip to the drone/handle, instead of putting them in the camera?  It comes with a lot of benefits, including less interference in the camera, and less fan noise. But by using this new design, clearly the new system won't be compatible with the old one because the old one has chip in the camera.
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With almost any tech purchase, it won't be all that long before new products with new functionality are introduced.  Most times, the technology moves such that the old product cannot be upgraded to the new technology.  Sometimes that's due to unimaginative (or poor) engineering, but usually it is due to making changes to accommodate the new technology.  We need our tech companies to create a steady stream of new products so they can stay in business.  So, I think it's just a fact of life that what we own today will get surpassed by what becomes available in the future.

One question that I think helps put this into perspective when new products are introduced is, "does my old product function any less effectively today than it did yesterday, when I was happy with what the (old) product offered?"  At least, it helps me to be more rationale with respect to determining whether to upgrade or not.
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