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Trottle down for landing from high attiude.
849 4 2016-11-17
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Steib Bless
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Hi.. I have a issue regarding any type of landing. My issue is if you hold stick in bottom for to long, is there a chanse of shutting down the power to the drone and actually crash land? I saw on youtube a guy hovering 5 meters and sudden the Inspire drop in free fall from its hovering attitude. I have no experience with this and ther no way in the software any setting for changing stick inputs for shutting off power. Tnx for any answers.

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Single stick down will not shut down power. Both down will, that is called the CSC. I have read that this will not happen if above the ground, but I don't take chances. To descend, it is best to fly forward slightly while lowering the left stick. This keeps you out of prop wash which can hinder descent. I never descend while flying backwards, as I do not want to test the theory that CSC will not occur off the ground.
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For clarity OP, you are fine to hold the throttle stick all the way down and centred (left stick in mode 2) until the bird lands.
The motors WILL NOT shut down until the bird is actually on the ground. When the aircraft detects that it has landed, only then will the motors shut down.

CSC is completely different and is the effective 'kill switch' that WILL shut down the motors, irrespective of whether the bird is on the ground or in the air.
There are two CSC positions:

BOTH sticks fully down and fully out to the outer corners
BOTH sticks fully down and fully into the inner corners

No other stick position will shut down anything.

You can have both sticks fully down and centered, it will simply lose altitude and head backwards. (not sure what sort of shot that would get you though!)
It's all covered in the manual - have a read and understand just what the stick positions are. Also suggest that you fire up the simulator and try out the CSC positions so you get the idea.

While descending in still air, it is considered good practice to have some form of horizontal movement as well to indeed avoid the disturbed air of the rotor wash as Aeroimage has stated.
This is not so much of a factor if you are flying in breezy conditions, but a good habit to get into. I usually fly slow lazy spirals when descending from altitude.
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Both Farnk666 and Aeromirage hit the nail on the head.
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Paul S
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Farnk666 Posted at 2016-11-18 00:12
For clarity OP, you are fine to hold the throttle stick all the way down and centred (left stick in  ...

Down and back is the best way to land on a moving boat. Orientation is the easiest to manage when trying to align with a moving landing space. Optical sensors off for the approach over water.
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