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Battery waves/cracks, no crashes.. ?
941 2 2016-11-21
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Has anyone seen this issue on their batteries ? I have never crashed my mavic not once, or even bumped into anything. I have 2 batteries. This is the first one I had before buying a second one. The first one as seen in images below, there is a sort of wave along the left side of it as well as a couple hairline cracks and a larger on the right. This battery was never left in the sun or heat or extreme cold. If you push down even lightly on one of the cracks it seperates and appears to be hollow right below it. It's like they are growing from within and want to break free, but there are no signs of bulging anywhere else -like below or on the back, and it appears to be hollow right below the cracks.

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It functions well, right?
May I know when you bought it? what is the SN?
Since it's never crashed, I do suggest you send it in for evaluation, if it's confirmed a product faulty, we will provide a good one for you.

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I can't any image attached for some reason.

If it's never crashed and looks like it's trying to "escape from inside" the case, I wouldn't use that battery anymore!

I've not had it myself luckily but some lipo battery packs (with unrelated RC products I use) have been known to swell and explode when they go faulty during charging, which definetly isn't what you want.

I'd use another battery for now and get that one replaced or checked out for safety IMO.
*edit -  i can see them now.  Turns out images don't load in the mobile version of the website.  Had to switch to the PC version
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