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First flight, no problems! All worries for nothing?
475 0 2016-12-8
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Flight distance : 80272 ft

Well, after one flight I'm happy to say that my Mavic didn't behave weirdly even tho I really "pushed it to its limits" to see how it behaves in the air, how long it takes to break after full speed and so on.

No problems so far! No GPS problems, no compass errors, no sensor issues, IMU working correctly... just fine so far!
Of course I've calibrated the compass, no IMU calibration done yet since there was no interference at all and the status said "Good". I'll do it the next time I'll fly tho just to be on the safe side!

One thing I did notice is that the gesture mode didn't work tho I'm not sure if I was just too fast after switching from video recording to this mode or it was a bug in the app, active tracking did work without any issues tho.

RTH didn't bring my Mavic in any "Spiral of Death" mode tho I'll probably not use it any further with the problems people report here.

Anyways, so far a neat little drone! I really hope it will stay like this.
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