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Quick official list of active issues and work arounds?
1017 1 2017-1-10
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I've been breaking in an Osmo Pro (x5 on Osmo handle). Results can be a mixed bag but I'm finding if you work within the x5's strengths and avoid known active issues you can get really great results.

Is there an official or unofficial list of active issues since the latest v1.3.0.40 firmware released on 2016-08-25?

In the few days working with the new system i've stumbled on numerous small and major issues. Some are easy to work around, others are not so clear. Here are the clear ones for me:
1. Audio slip in roughly 1/5 recordings if using an external rode mic hooked directly to Osmo. Work around: Use external recorder.
2. In-door auto white balance works very poorly. Work around: Manually set your white balance

What are other active issues and workarounds? Particularly aroung IQ. For example many complain about mushy image or non grade-able sharpness with Color: Dlog which every professional would normally be shooting in. Some report issues with Cinelike as well, and I've seen references to issues with ISO 100 in old forum posts. Some tie Dlog issue in particular to the second-to-last firmware upgrade where Osmo RAW support was added. Are there still issues there? What are the work arounds?

I'm hoping this could be a helpful thread for anyone jumping in to immediately start getting the best results with their Osmo Pro without spending hours reading out-dated hearsay on old posts and other forums and meticulously testing every feature of every available firmware update.

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I have the same setup and one fault is the creep, not sure if its the pro bit or a general fault. Only workaround is to hold the osmo like a torch and for some reason it works better.

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