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Custom Remote Control Settings WARNING
778 0 2017-2-19
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United Kingdom

Hey Guys

Just want to bring to everyones attention that when making changes to the Custom Stick settings (Where you can customly set your stick commands) they wont save after clicking Save.

Tonight I went into the Simulator which is sooooo useful. I use the simulator to try out different stick configurations. After trying out a few changes, I then restarted my Aircraft and tried to Idle the motors. They did not idle or even move, so I restarted a few times, did the same to the controller and still nothing.

My only option was to Take off and sadly my apartment is a bit small so I took off in the centre of the room where I knew it was far from objects and would take time to drift towards anything.

The motors fired up and it took off and hovered, I had NO CONTROL at all and it hit the wall and tumbled down.

After a very close inspection, the Mavic is a tough beast and has yet again proven to hold its title. Gimbal is fine.

I then went back into the Remote Control settings and selected the setting the Mavic was set to when I got it and when testing if the motors would Idle, they did.

So I had to delete my custom stick settings and set them from scratch.

Please be careful and fly safe
Use props
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