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P4P video editing software / workflow
2123 3 2017-2-22
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I thought I'd share the video editing setup I'm using to edit H.265 4K video from my P4P on a Windows PC.

Having looked around a bit, there doesn't seem to be much software that will support H.265 natively - I tried Power Director 15 briefly but was very disappointed with the output, which had very obvious artifacts which ruined the look of the video.

After a bit of investigation, I settled on the excellent Davinci Resolve 12.5, which is completely free - however, it doesn't support H.265.  The general opinion seems to be that editing and producing from H.265 directly is a bad idea anyway, and converting to a format such as DNxHR seems to be the way to go.

So, I had a look for transcoding software - there are quite a few out there, many of which have different names and look suspiciously similar, and don't support DNxHR, so are limited to 1080p.  Eventually, I found 'Convert v4' from hdcinematics which will transcode pretty much anything to anything (it's really just a nice front-end for FFMpeg) - and this allows me to convert to DNxHR at about 10fps on a (by modern standards) fairly modest PC with an SSD as the target drive for rendering.

In this format, you can edit in Resolve in pretty much real-time, and then render back to either H.264, or alternatively to DNxHR and then transcode back to H.265

Maybe all this is obvious to most people, but it took me a while to piece together a reasonable (and cheap) way to do this on a PC so I thought I'd pass it on.

What software / workflows are other people using?

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I had been creating "Proxy Files" of my H.265 video for editing in Vegas Pro then rendering from the originals back to H.265 MP4 files. This works fairly well for my P4P videos. With my Inspire 2/X5S I will eventually shoot in ProRes (waiting on the CINESSD/CINEStation) and edit in FCPX. For now, I am shooting in H.265 on the Inspire 2, transcoding to ProRes with Brorsoft then editing in FCPX.
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Thx for sharing...!
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Davinci Resolve Studio versions supports H265. Free non studio versions do not support h265.
Grass Valley Edius workgroub 8 supports h265
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