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Phantom 2 Series FAQs
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1. The battery would not power on when put it on the phantom.
   Please make sure you start it the right way. Press the battery button first, before the LED light out, press and hold it for another 3 seconds.

2. Solid yellow on remote controller and phantom unable to start when CSC.
   Please download the software \"PhantomRC Assistant Software v1.1\" and phantom assistant software on\'t forget to download and install DJI WIN DRIVER INSTALLER beforehand.  
   Connect the RC directly to your computer running the above software. Make sure you do the calibration step by step according to the notice on the software window. Only movethe sticks when asked to do it. Then the yellow led shall turn back to normal--Red(2.4G)/Green(5.8G). If not? Do it all over again.
   Then connect the phantom to your computer AND do the calibration in RC page using P2 assistant software.

3. Start the phantom 2 follow the recommend procedures, but the motors fail to run, phantom led flashing yellow fast.
   Bind the RC with phantom2 as the manual: The link indicator light on the side of body is solid red,push the link button with a thin object and hold it until the link indicator blinks red, then release it, the connection then would be binded automatically.
     Further step to this question, ifit\'s a phantom 2 vision/vision plus need to bind with RC, please keep the RCoff before holding the Rx reset button and release it, then power on theRC.

4. It should not be a problem to take one 5200MAH battery onto a civil aircraft when going to travel in other places, isn’t it?
    In general, there should not be any problem. Some airports do need application and record in advance.

5. In Vision App,it shows Phantom lost connection and has not live view, what shall I do?
   Please make sure all firmware/app are the latest. Restart the app. If still not work, then please try to rebind.
   Keep RC/CAMERA--WIFI ON/Range extender are all on. Hold the reset button on theextender for seconds.
   Look for a\"phantom wifi\" in your wifi network list on the phone.
   After connecting it, run your APP and go to setting—bind, then choose scan the QR-CODE. Uponsuccess, power cycle everything including the app.
   Run the app, goes to the setting -> about, if all version no. show up, then congratulation.

6. What format is the video of Phantom 2 vision? Is there audio?
   Phantom 2 visionvideo is MP4 format with no sound.

7. What software can open or modify the raw format photos of Phantom 2vision/vision plus?
    The latest FC200f/w V1.1.9 support Adobe DNG RAW format, can record GPS and related flight height and save in Adobe DNG RAW metadata. We can open and read these data withPHOTOSHOP CS 6 or version above.

8. What’s the size of Phantom 2 vision photos? How big is the doc. produced every minute, when the HD video is selected?
    The biggest size of Phantom 2 vision is 4384X32884:314.4MP ; About100M doc. is produced every minutes.
Video size 1920*1080\"

9. My compass mod value go far beyond the limitation, what to do?
    Probably the compass is magnetized and you need to degauss it. You could check it when connect to the assistant software. If yes, disconnect the computer. Get a small magnetand move it by both vertically and horizontally around the compass, not too close, keep 1-2 inch away.Then do the compass calibration dance.
    Check the compass mod value by connecting to the software. Check the mod figure and see if it gets any better.
Keep trying with that magnet again until it goes back to norm figure.

10My phantom need to send in for service,what shall I do?
     If you need to send back your phantom for repair issue, please try to contact your dealer andsee if they are able to fix it. This website could also provide some info you may need to know:
     If you near LA support center, you could contact: DJI LA Office    +1 (818) 235 0789 or send email to:
     If you near EU you could try: +49 (0) 1803 354000 or send email to:
     If China is the nearest, please fill the form below as attachment and email to

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Thank you Daniel.  Maybe they will read it... maybe not.  Kinda like the manual.
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Sorry for duplicate, read the last paragraph in the pop-up window

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