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Easy repalceable gimbal. My wish for second generation Mavic
618 2 2017-3-3
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The camera and gimbal is a fragile unit that often gets a beating when the Mavic crashes. My wish for the next generation of the Mavic is an easy replaceable unit that we can swap ourselves. Accessable connectors and snap in mounting plate for the gimbal. You could save a lot of money and grief, not have to send in the hole drone for this type of repair. The cost of the repair is sometimes less than shipping cost to people like me that are not fortunate enough to have a repair facillity in the country. You could even have an extra gimal in your bag just in case..... What do you think ?
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The gimbal will always be the most fragile part but hopefully DJI will com up with a better camera/gimbal setup next time as this one seems way too fragile. I'm sure DJI will surprise us like the always do. What needs to be improved imo is customer service and hopefully no more stock issues.
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Stronger mounting plate is needed. I've seen some people on youtube fabricate their own out of stronger metals.

Also it needs a better camera... or at least one that is quality control tested better!

Other than that its perfect and I love it. Hopefully as improvements come along DJI will fit newer parts to existing drones that get sent back or maybe recall drones bought by early adopters?
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