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Drone deploy offline with P3 Pro
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First Officer
Flight distance : 324442 ft
United Kingdom

Anyone have any luck getting Drone deploy to do anything offline. I've made the mission available offline, let it download the basemap etc.

Get out in the field and run it, and I get an error about Waypoint checking - no internet connection . That's because I'm in a middle of a field without even a mobile connection.

No reply from DD except have you reinstalled the app, only installed it an hour ago!

Latest DD app
Phantom 3 Pro
Latest firmware on everything
IOS all up to date

Started reading their forums and it looks like a very flakey app, but no answers to anyone problems.
Use props
United States

im at a loss to ... my P3 pro will no longer shoot photos while flying DD missions.  Im current on all FW
Use props
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