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RTK-G with Matrice 600 worth getting ??
1440 2 2017-3-11
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Cory W
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Hey everyone,
I'm going to ask a foolish question and chats about this or maybe they are on going on this forum, forgive me for asking again. I've been reading pretty much all the information on DJI RTK-G + data link pro pack (4599.00 USD) that I can find, benefits are OPTIMIZED ACCURACY, ULTIMATE RELIABILITY, not effected by magnetic interference and other things. I'm In the process of learning to do photogrammetry and since I would want accurate data in my photos for mapping programs like Pix4D, I've read that DjI RTK-G system can do 2cm accuracy with the physical Matrice 600 in the air, but photos taken will not have the accurate data necessary for accurate photogrammetry. If that is true, will DJI RTK-G system ever be possible to do 2cm accuracy in the photos or are they working on a firmware update to be able to do it ? I mean I'm sure if you have a $50,000.00 dollar camera with lens etc on the Matrice 600 with the Ronin MX, I'm sure this upgrade will the best choice to insure ultimate reliability, I would if I had that much money worth of gear flying in the air lol. I am really thinking of buying it, but if it can't do what I hope it can do, I would rather upgrade to the A3 pro instead and have more money to buy other DJI gear lol

Thank you
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Hi Cory,

I have been asking similar questions.  From the looks of things, the D-RTK kit will not record accurate geotags the way we want them for photogrammetry purposes...  That being said,  you can still use DJI products to produce highly accurate photogrammetric results.  

To get the accurate results you are looking for, you will need to tie the processing together with targets on the ground visible in the photos and geolocated with standard surveying equipment.   I am sure you already know about this, I have just added it in there for people viewing this thread.

It would be great to have the photo locations geolocated to 2cm and I hope that soon, DJI will add this capability to their systems.  

The immediate issue that should be looked at by DJI is the ambiguity in the marketing material for these RTK systems.  It seems at first glance to imply that the unit is able to record 2cm accurate real world coordinates...
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United States

I agree with both of you. Like Hooks mentioned, using ground reference points will really improve your results. Pix4D has some pretty in depth instructional videos on how to do this. So far, for the mapping jobs we've done, this is accurate enough, but, we've had questions of improved accuracy but not that anybody is willing to pay for...yet....
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