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[Goof] 8 fantastic features everyone wants
715 2 2017-3-31
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Recharge At Home
RAH. The aircraft will automatically fly back to your house and start recharging.

Umbrella Mode
Protects the aircraft from rain and snow with an extractable cute umbrella on top. Choose from 5 different colors.

Angry Eyes Detection
Detects angry people staring at your drone with that if-looks-could-kill expression. Marks them on your radar for easy tracking. The mark will blink and beep to warn you if the subject approaches for the tense "You got a permit for that thing?" talk.

Deploy Airbag
When that propeller eventually breaks and your aircraft helplessly plummets towards earth, deploy the built-in airbag to cushion the fall.

Prop Stop™
Stops the propellers in mid-air, instantly giving you a relaxing moment of peace and quiet. Use in combination with Deploy Airbag is highly recommended.

Low Battery Bypass
A manual override that will let the aircraft electronics ignore that annoying 30% battery. With backup energy from the new patented Fly 'til You Die® technology, you can keep flying for as long as you want.

Sound Effects
The aircraft will play tunes like an icecream truck. Make the kids smile as you fly around the neighborhood. You can also download the "Hits of the 80's Song Pack" for 1 hour of additional music, soon available in the online store for 45$.

Horizon Lock
Keeps the horizon stright at all times in your pictures and videos... Naaaaah just kidding! Like we'll ever get that feature.

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Augustus Brian
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Keep Smiling,

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I like it!
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