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Parked in the desert
688 0 2017-4-10
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I was hoping that I would be one of those who would not have the problems that many on the forums seem to be having with the GO ap, but much to my dismay it is not to happen. I have a P4P+ and just purchased a I2. For the most part I've only had minor problems with the ap on the P4, but with the I2 it's been a pain from the start and finally finished in a near disaster. It has crashed several times on me while flying the I2 but I have always been able to restart it and continue on. Today it crashed and when I restarted it went to the accept terms page but the accept was greyed out. I got passed that but once I was back connected to the UAV I kept getting a message that I had exceeded max flight distance even though I was well within the max distance set and was almost in line of site the max speed I was able to get out of I2 at this point was 3mph and the battery, which had plenty of charge left to make it back before the ap crash was not going to get me back at that speed. Long story short the I2 wound up landing in the desert. Fortunately I was able to see where it went down and after about tw hours of searching was able to retrieve it. My story has a happy ending un like many I've read here. The I2 it's self is great I've had no problems at all with it, runs smooth no vibrations or other problems like I've seen reported here, but the GO ap is horrible when it comes to the I2. It's really silly to think that DJI puts $6000 worth of equipment at risk with a shoddy, what $30 ap. Good way to begin loosing customers. Especially on the high end of the market.
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