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p4 doesn't work with dji go4 app update for p4 adv. help?!
566 1 2017-5-8
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United States

p4 was working fine with samsung galaxy tab A, android v 6.0.1.
i updated the app and now it won't connect at all.  the dialog box for which usb accessory to use when connecting keeps cycling/flashing on the screen about twice per second....indefinitely.
app also defalaults to p4 adv.
drone is totally useless now.  perfect timing with 3 real estate aerial jobs tomorrow.
---frustrated in nj
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United States

Aloha fansed,

     Yikes, we have to get rolling!  For the time being, can you go to and download the older app?  Choose the Phantom version you are using and then go down to software in the right column.  In there, you can download an older version of the DJI GO 4 app.  

     Uninstall the DJI GO 4 app you are having problems with, restart the device and then install the one you just downloaded.  Restart the device.  This should get you up and running for the shoot.  Then you can worry about upgrading the app after the shoot.

Aloha and Drone On!
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