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Best Android Tablet for Mavic...?
821 1 2017-5-22
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United Kingdom

I have read several Posts regarding Tablets and have viewed videos on YouTube on the subject until my eyes could take no more,  and I still don't know which Android Tablet is the best when used with the Mavic Pro.  And I don't want to use some aftermarket holder - I want to use the MP Controller and the Tablet as a single, balanced unit with equal visibility of both, which means using the jaws on the Controller to hold the Tablet, which in turn limits the size to a 7.9" - and that will be just fine, especially if used with a Hood.

Probably around 90% of the advice about Tablets is focussed on the iPad, especially the iPad Mini 4 with WiFi and Cellular.

That is a lot more money than I would like to spend.  In the end I might just have to crack open the piggy-bank and buy the iPad but I would much prefer to buy an Android device at half the cost with equivalent functionality.  There are a mind-boggling number of very, very good Android 7" Tablets on the market that cost far less than the iPad.  But which one is the most capable when it comes to marrying it to a Mavic Pro..?

Thanks for any advice.


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Also looking. I'm currently using a Nexus 7 2 (The 2nd gen) and it works reasonably well given it's age. No lag. It's only downside is it's pretty dark and very hard to se in the sun. So looking for a brighter screen without breaking the bank as well.
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