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RC issues caused by bad USB cable
522 0 2017-5-28
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Two days ago I was flying the drone not very far away from me when it started ascending while the rear LED went blinking yellow - drone didn't receive the RC and went into RTH.
App showed drone was disconnected.
Looked at the RC LCD and it seemed OK, showing the text "GPS Mode" (not "Connecting...", as one would expect).
The RC was unresponsive, though, and since the drone couldn't receive the RC I could not cancel RTH.
Since it all happened very quickly I cannot say for sure but I think the display on the RC LCD was frozen.
Being in a tight space, fearing the drone would try to land and hit something on the way down and having no apparent options, I disconnected the USB cable and powered the RC off and on again - it connected immediatly and I canceled RTH and landed.
At the time, I was using a long, old USB cable and suddenly I recalled another event where I had an unexplained disconnect and RTH, a few firmwares ago.

Looking back at other issues I had, like lags in video and telemetry, and that other disconnect/RTH event, my guess is that the Mavic's RC is sensitive to bad/long/low quality USB cables.
The real concern is that it seems like the RC is sensitive in a way that it could fail entirely when there are USB cable problems, something that I didn't see with the Phantom 3.

Also, I don't recall any major problems when using the the DJI short, L-shaped cable that came with the Mavic.

Any thoughts on that subject?

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