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Questions re user profiles
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Elbert H.
Flight distance : 6299455 ft
United States

I've got a couple of questions regarding the Forums user profiles.

First is, why does my distance not show up correctly ? I've got 2 drones, combined distance is just under 3,000,000 ! Yet it only shows me with just under  a million, so I'm wondering what happened to the other two mil. Oh, and yes I update (flight records) usually about once every week with DJI.

And number two is, although I did sort of find the answer, is when does one become something other than a "beginner". I don't know exactly why but it sort of galls me when I see that. However, I think I found the answer, and that is, it appears it has nothing at all to do with flight experience, it is all keyed to how much we participate in the DJI Forum........again...I think that's the answer.

If that is correct, I would have to encourage some thought as basing it on flight time/hours etc......and not participation in the forum, or maybe a combination of both.

I know.......just sayin'  !

But I would like to know the answer on the distances not showing correctly.

Thanks for listening.
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Flight distance : 7147687 ft
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Check this link, similar question ... 97806&fromuid=47441
ps my miles (km) are about half my points.
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Second Officer
Flight distance : 1397336 ft
United States

3,000,000 feet is 914,400 meters. That could be your discrepancy.
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