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Air Encoder Error
691 0 2017-5-29
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Is anyone else frusterated by the amount of times we get this error?  I understand it happens when you start up the aircraft without the gimbal, but correct me if im wrong, you can only start up the aircraft to raise the landing gear..  When you want to pack up, you click the button 6 times the craft will lower the landing gear and then it will also shut off.  Why can it not do the same when you take it out of the box..  this way you could open it up, but it would simply shut off so it wouldn't get confused, then when you have the camera on you can turn it on.

Seems so simple and obvious... but hey, maybe I am the only one and I need to send this brand new bird back.  Been going on since day one, every time and again I get the error.
I normally raise the landing gear, and turn off the inspire immediately after.  Perhaps thats my issue?

Use props
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