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Inspire1 version 1
576 3 2017-11-5
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hello i bought a inspire 1 version 1
but my RC lost link with the Air-Craft on a firmware update i did to the Air-craft that was successful
now the dji go app is not letting me click on camera view
just keeps saying How to Connect
! question: is there a button combination i could do to establish  RC link to the Aircraft
with out having to use the app or could my problem be a faulty module in the back of the controller where the mobile device is connected ?
thank you for any help u guys can give me

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try unplugging the remote from the ipad or tablet that you are using while the remote and aircraft are on. works for me when i have that problem. just unplug than plug back nin. if its on android you will get a choice to choose the default app when it recognizes the controller being plugged in.
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Here is the method to link the RC without DJI Go.
1.Power on the remote controller and aircraft.
2.Press the C1 button, C2 button and video recording button on the remote controller at the same time. When a sound is heard, press the camera settings dial and the remote controller will start linking to the aircraft.
3.Press the linking button on the aircraft (with a pen) for three seconds. The remote controller status indicator will be solid green if linking is successful.

''How to Connect'' means the RC fails to connect to the APP, it could be the damaged USB cable, incompatible mobile device.
Have you tried different USB cables and mobile device?
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Ok after you updated the aircraft did you also update the RC ? Make sure you had a successful update by looking at the result on the SD card and then update the RC, the RC and AC should have no trouble connecting then .

I assume you are on the latest version which on the AC ( aircraft )  is 1.11.... so the match for the RC ( transmitter ) will be version 1.7...

Read my tips page and it will go over all the tricks to updating , Just remember the AC is always updated first and the FW version for the AC and RC are usually NOT the same versions .
If you do anything please read my tips page ,  It is a quick read but may save you future heartache and regret......

Tips: Loading NEW firmware to RC and AC- Insp. 1 Phantom ADV & PRO

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