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DJI Repair Service experience
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I just wanted to share my experience using DJI to repiar my M2P that lost a battle with a set of branches and fell approx. 50' to the ground. First and foremost, this was 100% pilot error. The side sensors stopped the drone while I was performing a POI and descending, prior to colliding with the branches. In a moment of panic I throttled up and made the situation much worse .... the end result was a drop to the ground and a broken rear arm and trashed props.

This happened on a Friday evening. I created a case online with DJI on Saturday AM and mailed the drone off via the provided UPS label on that same Saturday. Unfortunatly, I live in Georgia (USA) and the repair facility my drone was going to was in California (Cerritos). This was a five business day transit time .

My drone arrived on Friday and was checked into the service que on Friday afternoon. Monday morning, I recieved a notification that my drone was being evaluated. Thirty minutes later, I had a quote for the repairs. I promptly paid for the repairs and within two hours later, my drone was prepared for shipment.

I was given the oppurtunity to pay to upgrade the shipping at my cost ( which I did) and my drone was shipped out of the facility on Tuesday. Total time at DJI repair was essentially 48hrs of working time.

I received my shipment yesterday and determined that I was actually sent a new drone instead of the one I had sent in. I am totaly fine with that! Total time from shipment out to DJI until it was returned and flying again was 9 business days.

In summary, other than the extended time to transit the drone to DJI and back, I could not have asked for a better service experience. If I had shipped this to DJI on my own dime and used expedited shipping, I probably could have saved a week.
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patriotdrone - Thank you much for telling in your own words your experience, it is nice to know that there is also a plus side to dji repairs.  I live not far from Cerritos, and know where your craft went.  I expecially like that your statement is "matter of fact" rather than leaning PRO or CON.  Thank you.
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Doc Ozzy
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I, too, appreciate the candor of your post. Good to know. My brother has been hesitant to get his bird fixed. I'll have to let him know about your experience.
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Hi there, we really appreciate you for sharing positive feedback with DJI Service. Your satisfaction really means to us. Thank you for your support.
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