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dji care refresh??? what a joke
375 5 3-16 17:38
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so i lost my spark on a road trip at multnomah falls, caught on a tree, unrecoverable. but i have dji care refresh with one replacement left. although you gotta sent a unit to them, you'd think i'd get a deal for another right? 15% off. 15!i meant i did want to upgrade to the mavic pro 2. but what happens when i put 1200 plus bucks and god forbid the same thing happens?

that customer service is a JOKE. bye felicia, so done with dji
3-16 17:38
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DJI Mindy
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Hi there, we are so sorry for your loss, according to the policy, DJI Care Refresh will not cover loss or partial loss, appreciate your understanding. Your unsatisfaction of the final resolution we provided will be escalated to the appropriate team to double check, we will have someone to contact you soon, please wait patiently, thank you.
3-16 18:12
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Dji made it pretty clear when you purchased the refresh you have to be able to recover you drone..
3-17 06:16
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Accident insurance is a better way to go..

My drone is covered for loss,damage,stolen even from pilot error for 60 bucks a year .. plus a get credit to the store.. so I can upgrade or change drones if I want..

Dji have access to serial numbers.. imo they should just change the drones to require re activation every 3 months or something ... this would enable dji to replace drones under refresh if you loose your drone
3-17 06:19
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You want a new one, right? (care refresh!)
So the Spark can be in pieces
How big is that tree?
3-17 10:56
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First Officer
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Sorry for your loss mate. I know you are gutted right now but that's exactly how the DJI Care Refresh works. You need to send them 3 things (may be broken also) to get the replacement.
1. Aircraft body with camera-gimbal unit
2. 2 pairs of propellers
3. 1 intelligent flight battery

Also, the replacement unit may either be brand new or a refurbished unit.
I have already got one replacement (got a brand new drone) with DJI Care Refresh and know how it works.
3-17 18:25
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