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Any FPV googles that also have "see through" or ...
2449 2 2015-7-13
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As it's illegal to fly stricktly FPV here, and need to be able to see your Drone.
I'm looking for some FPV glasses, that allow me to view the drone, and see the camera output.

Ofcourse there is google glasses, but I'm looking for something on the market now, and reasable priced.
Google glasses are vay overpriced, while i think the Carl Zeiss cinemizer is fair, but it does not offor a "normal view".

Any suggestions ?

I also heard about the "pirate monocle" just havent found anything usefull.
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Unfortunately there are no see-through glasses that are Phantom 3 compatible. Althought there are Epson Moverio BT-200 video glasses that are see-thru, they don't have HDMI input. In theory you could use Miracast to mirror your tablet screen to the Moverio, but there are two major drawbacks. First - it introduces additional, one-second lag. Second - Miracast uses WiFi link for screen mirroring, severely interfering with 2,4GHz RC/video link. Moverio is an Android-driven device, so in theory this could be a way to run the DJI Pilot on Moverio and overcome the two mentioned problems. Actually, this is often used by Vision+ pilots - they run DJI Vision app on the Moverios. Sadly, DJI Pilot is not compatible with Moverio. I've been fighting long time to make Moverios working with Phantom 3, but no luck and finally returned them to Epson Store. So for now there is no affordable solution
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United States

I don't know about any glasses that mix video with transparency because the human eye would have a very difficult time making much sense out of the mix.

I DO know about some single eye monitors.  This would allow you to open one eye to see the drone.  But you will loose stereo depth perception. ... plays/eyetop-centra ... lcd-goggle_g75.html
I have tried Cinemizers.  You can still see out under the glasses a bit.  At least you can see your feet to walk without falling down.  If you tilt your head back you can see forward a bit.

But I would not recommend them for the pilot.  They are great for the second camera operator on the Inspire.

I have tried single eye monitors.  It's all a confusing mess unless I close one eye or the other.  It's too confusing with both eyes open for me.  (You might be better at it?)
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