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Few thing phantom4 pro plus
713 4 2017-2-20
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Hi ,

Just a few things I want to say about the unlocking of no fly zones on the p4p + .

I had a course on a local airport .
So I thought ; lets unlock the nfz up front .
First of all ; the app does not check if I use the serial number of my Aircraft .
Many will enter the sn of the RC or make a mistake ...
whatever you enter ; the app says the unlocking is successfull ..  which is not .
But the worst is something else...

Why do people want to unlock in advance ?
Because they have no internet. Thats why .
But ... if you have entered the unlocking info , go the the NFZ will find your bird will not fly .
Its only if you manage to have wifi there ,in the NFZ ,that you will be able to download the unlock .
That is very difficult especially with the pro plus , where the only way of connection with the outside world is a wifi .
There is of course no telephone sim in the RC as you know .
So ...normally it would be only logical that you can download the unlocking info to your bird in advance as well .

The integrated screen is nice ... but there are a few things to mention .
If you want connect to a hotspot with an intermedian screen ; its hard in the phantom4 pro + to see what is really going on .
You can go to wifi , provide the wifi password , connect ...see you get an ip see you are connected.
But if you have to logon with a voucher ; which you would long have seen working with something like an independent screen like an ipad , you don't see on the integrated screen .
If you don't have any computerskills . knowing what error XX cannot resolve localhost means is too tricky for most I think .
So you are waiting maybe for ever ...

And , the most urgent of all things is the crashing of the APP . It's very annouying and also dangerous .
The app freezes ... if you are new maybe you think what you see on the screen is where your drone is ...but it is not ..
the app freezes and after a while the error comes up have to reboot the app mid flight !. If you know how and do it right ... very dangerous .
This should be the highest priority as it happens very often (almost every half hour) and it is very dangerous .

Hope that DJI can do something with these comments

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Thank you for your suggestions, they make a lot of sense to me. I'll relay them to our engineers.
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Windows Password Manager is a free manager for XP and windows password issues and it works as good as can be expected. In addition,the main thing is to stop using the external hard disk until you use this tool, and avoid writing any files to it.
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DJI-Thor Posted at 2017-2-20 19:03
Thank you for your suggestions, they make a lot of sense to me. I'll relay them to our engineers.

So please do, because the problem raised above are still valid!
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DJI Susan


Robertneumann19 Posted at 2018-1-17 08:02
So please do, because the problem raised above are still valid!

I've replied you in your post, please keep us updated there, thanks so much!
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