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phantom 2 vision live cam problem
1162 4 2015-9-20
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United States

Hello everyone,  im experiencing live video problems , all worked fine ,actually extra fine with antenna upgrades , went 3200 feet till it started to break up , lately it freezes as soon as you take off , on idle before take off cam sends live video flawless,  as soon as u take off it freezes and sometimes comes back for abit just to freeze again , but when u land it and it still idle the cam live video is flawless again , anyone has any idea what could be wrong?
Thatks alot
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United States

You could try uninstalling the app and then reinstalling it. I have seen that work for some people.
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United States

Sounds like close by it works and as it gets distance away it freezes. What does that say. Lack of signal. Check the mod you. Made sounds like an antenna issue to me.
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Iam experience something similar.
But all the time if I look at the wifi signal, so it is full the meter in the app.
If it were the antenna problems, should not gauge may show less or no signal, then?
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Flight distance : 1732005 ft

Hey guys, just did some tests with my P2V+ and I think it's definitely overheating in the wi-fi module.

What I tested:
. Autopilot App (US$20,00)

I tried all the solution I saw people trying  with the phantom as you can see my first reply here:

What I did now:

1. Went outside my house and flew if the phantom, with the live video working. I flew it in a fast speed and big turns, so it could get a lot of air.

2. Landed the phantom and changed the battery after my first one ran out. The live video was still working.

3. Flew in very slow speed, like I was doing a "Point of interest" flight. This way, the phantom wasn't getting to much air to cool it down. The live video was still working.

4. Landed the phantom, and turned it of. The live video was still working.

5. Turned it on again and started flying fast for 5 minutes so it could get more air again. The live video was still working.

6. Landed the phantom, turned it off and turned it on. For my surprise, the live video was working again.
Both apps the live video didn't work after step 3. Both apps started working after step 6.

So, my conclusion is that it's a project error from DJI and if your phantom is still in warranty, explain that to them so they could change you wi-fi module. There are some people that did that. Unfortunately, I'm from Brazil and I won't be able to send it back to them. So, I will try a solution that I saw in a video, using thermal paste in the wi-fi board ().

Let you guys now if this solved the problem.
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