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Good story about DJI Service!
609 1 2016-2-18
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Hi there,

On 12/9/2016 I bought my Phantom 3 Pro.

On January 17th, my Phantom 3 Pro spontaneously flew away on the "Follow Me"-function.

The damage was minor (only a few scratches on the UV-filter on the camera).

On 1/18/2016 I sent an email to DJI-Support to ask about this.
After sending the logs and video and a few emails I got the answer on 1/28/2016 "Based on all the info, the accident is not caused by pilot error and we will process a free repair service."

As promised the Support.eu3 contacted me to start the RMA. Again after a few mails I did send the Phantom on 02/11/2016 to DJI Europe.
On 02/16/2016 I received an email that my unit has been shipped.

The next day I received a complete new unit (bird and camera)!

So, time to tell a good story about the DJI Service!
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That is good news for once! Great for you.

I can beat that though. When I bought my first P3Pro it was fine for the first 2 weeks then I upgraded firmware and had a connection problem to the remote. Tried everything couldn't get it to work.

Next day walked into Best buy...explained issue...5 minutes had a brand new one in my hand...

Gotta Love it!
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